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BOOKS ISSUE: Isa Chandra Moskowitz is back with 'Isa Does It,' a vegan cookbook for working stiffs

Recipes on offer in Moskowitz's book include a colorful beet salad

"I live in Omaha now — I'm in the middle of the country — and that really changed my views on what people have access to. So I just wanted it to be really accessible ingredients," she says. "Another reason I wanted to write this book is because I was cooking more than ever because there were not that many places to go out to eat."

It's another world away from Brooklyn, where meat-free restaurants and offerings dot the streets, and markets have aisles full of items clearly marked "vegan."

While there are meat-and-dairy free offerings at local sushi spots and coffee shops (and Whole Foods Markets) there's no dedicated vegan restaurant in Omaha — yet.

When we spoke, Moskowitz had recently been handed the keys to her first restaurant, which will open in spring 2014. Attached to a bar owned by the members of Saddle Creek band Cursive, Moskowitz's spot will serve a revolving menu of vegan comfort foods, all made from scratch. "All the mayo is from scratch, I'm going to make my own cheese, [there will] even be house-made sodas, and kombucha on tap."

Although there have been some rumblings about Moskowitz's restaurant for some time, she gives the Guardian an exclusive: The name of her new restaurant will be Modern Love. 




Sorry to see the mention of predatory WFM in the article versus just saying instead "a major corporate chain store." I won't write the name of it as that just gives that corporate chain even more advertisement/publicity. Much of what is in that store is conventional.

Some links:

Food Babe Investigates WF

WF Market caves on Monsanto, agrees to GMO produce

And there's this (The spam filter blocked the link...sigh):

consumeraffairs dot com forward slash supermarkets forward slash whole_foods dot html:

Videos on UTube:

WF Caught Selling GMO
WFM China Organic California

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