Dear United States: #Jessicastux discrimination shows SF inequality


Dear United States,

Yes,  you've found San Francisco out. You've got us. Our city is not the bastion of equality we claim it to be. 

It's something most San Franciscans know, but now you, the country, are getting a peek at how discriminatory our local institutions can actually be.Read more »

Students fight suspensions targeting young people of color


Sagging pants, hats worn indoors, or having a really bad day -- the list of infractions that can get a student suspended from a San Francisco Unified School District school sounds like the daily life of a teenager. The technical term for it is “willful defiance,” and there are so many suspensions made in its name that a student movement has risen up against it. 

The punishment is the first step to derailing a child’s education, opponents said. 

Student activists recognize the familiar path from suspensions to the streets to prisons, and they took to the streets yesterday to push the SFUSD to change its ways. Around 20 or so students and their mentors marched up to City Hall and into the Board of Education to demand a stop of suspensions over willful defiance.

A quarter of all suspensions in SFUSD for the 2011-12 school year were made for “disruption or defiance,” according to the California Department of Education. Half of all suspensions in the state were for defiance. 

When a student is willfully defiant and suspended, it’s seen as a downward spiral as students are pushed out of school and onto the streets, edging that much closer to a life of crime.

“What do we want? COLLEGE! What are we gonna do? WORK HARD!” the students shouted as they marched to the Board of Education’s meeting room, on Franklin Street. 

They were dressed in graduation gowns of many colors, signs raised high. They smiled and danced and the mood was infectious. One driver drove by, honked and said “Yes, alright!” Assorted passersby of all ethnicities cheered on the group. Read more »

Fight to save City College grows teeth and bites back


Saving City College of San Francisco became a bigger battle yesterday when the California Federation of Teachers announced a lawsuit in San Francisco Superior Court to keep CCSF open.

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Chronicle: Don't question the City College takeover, just submit to the flawed ACCJC


I have very low expectations from editorials in the San Francisco Chronicle, which generally share a worldview with the Chamber of Commerce and carry water for some powerful Establishment figure or another. Read more »

City College supporters protest state takeover and the agenda behind it


By Dalton Amador

Around 350 students, faculty members and other San Franciscans marched from City College’s downtown campus to the U.S. Department of Education Tuesday afternoon to protest the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior College’s (ACCJC) decision to terminate City College’s accreditation effective July 31, 2014. Read more »

Opponents of City College takeover to march through SF


Opponents of last week’s decision to revoke the accreditation of City College of San Francisco and place the district under state control until that death sentence becomes official in July 2014 plan to rally and march through San Francisco today [Tues/9] at 4pm.Read more »

Transforming Pride in our schools

It takes more than a one-time discussion or film screening to support queer youth


By Anayvette Martinez

OPINION During Pride, San Francisco is overflowing with LGBT community events, vibrant energy, and rainbow flags. But how do we as a city celebrate diversity and teach each other about the practice of allyship during the rest of the year, especially in our schools where youth are growing and developing?Read more »

Food for thought: 18 Reasons' class series encourages the slow chew


Hippocrates said, “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. The axiom certainly sounds nice rolling off the tongue, but curative qualities aside, you'll never stick to healthy if it doesn't taste good. Luckily here in the Bay Area we have Carley Hauck of Intuitive Wellness, who proves in her "Mindful Eating and Cooking" series at community food hub 18 Reasons that comestibles can indeed be medicinal, and that medicine can taste amazing.

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The new Exploratorium opens -- are the piers as good as the Palace?


As someone who was practically bottle-fed on the old Exploratorium space, I was hesitant approaching the science museum's opening day at its new home on Pier 15 and 17. Like many other SF natives, I was attached to the old world charm and neo-classical elegance of the Palace of Fine Arts location, opened in 1969 by physics professor Frank Oppenheimer.

But consider me a convert. Where the Palace of Fine Arts' physical layout seemed to dictate the content of the old museum, the new building, extensively rehabbed to house the famously hands-on exhibits, allows them to exist more organically. The new site now houses the largest pod of solar panels in the city, holds a magnificently vista-ed observatory, and harnesses as a heating source the Bay waters it sits above on 1800 wood and concrete pilings built around a century ago.

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Our freak of a governor


We all know this, but I have to say it again: Jerry Brown is one strange agent.

His State of the State address was blessedly short: Jer doesn't waste a lot of time. In fact, a few minutes in, the crowd in the state Assembly chambers was applauding for the second or third time, and he told them to stop; "this is my longest speech and we're not going to get out of here." I clocked it, applause and all, at about 16 minutes.Read more »