'Purple Rain' at 30


Just over a year ago, Adam Tod Brown wrote a great article for Cracked called "4 Classic Albums That Get More Praise Than They Deserve." Though it contained as much Yoko Ono-bashing as you'd expect from a website as frequently fratty as Cracked, it made a great argument for Ringo's self-titled as the best solo '70s Beatles album and contributed substantially to the recent critical revival of Neil Young's On The Beach. The thing that interested me most, however, wa Read more »

Holy Cherry Moons! SF Album Project joins Prince's 'Parade' in full, fantastical drag


Things I know right now: I'm far from the only one who knows all the words to Yaz's Upstairs at Eric's, OK Computer is much better as a conceptual drag performance, and the 12-inch version of "Mountains" by Prince is one of the best extended jams ever committed to vinyl. 

The third thing I know from being a record nerd (it's also impossible to prove to you, since the Purple One spends all his time on Youtube yanking down his music). But the first two revelations came courtesy of the stunning San Francisco Album Project, a talented group of drag performers, stage technicians, theatrical personages, and tasteful club kids. Every two months they take on an entire album, presenting it as a stage extravaganza, embellished with special effects and original dialogue. It's brilliantly nuts, and not the albums you'd expect at all from a bunch of colorful queens.

After conquering Yaz and Radiohead (standing room only, btw), the SFAP is about to scale the purple peak and slide under the cherry moon: The troupe will present Prince's "Parade" -- the soundtrack to his 1986 movie Under the Cherry Moon, including the original version of my beloved "Mountains" --  in its entirety on Sun/22 at the Chapel.

I asked Nathan Rapport and Bobby Barber, "album curators" of SFAP, to give me the lowdown on the project, and what to expect this Sunday:

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